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If you have any questions or other inquiry please do not hesitate to conatct us.


T: 604-558-4010

4248 Dawson St Burnaby B.C

V5C 0B8

Located between Dawson Medical and OMA 2.

*We do not take orders through email.

Opening Hours


Mon:   11:00am -  9:00pm

Tue:    11:00am -  9:00pm

Wed:   11:00am -  9:00pm

Thurs: 11:00am -  9:00pm

Fri:      11:00pm -  9:00pm

Sat:     11:00am -  9:00pm

We`ll be closing on major Holiday.

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4248 Dawson St

Burnaby BC


T: 604-558-4010

Brown Rice and Soybean Paper Available

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